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Re: terastation pro internal power supply replacement.

On 7 Jun 2006 13:11:16 -0700, "aragorn"

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The other idea is that this looks like a typical open frame
switcher, it may not be very hard to find a replacement PSU
that fits and outputs enough 12V, 5V current.  Here in the
states you can even find some that might work for about
$10-20... but whether they're full range or only 110V, I
don't recall... certainly over THERE, you should find what
you need.

Re: terastation pro internal power supply replacement.

Hi aragorn,

  I am facing the same problem as you did.

have tried all possible methods: contacting the customer service : U.K
& IRELAND guys tell to contact USA & USA guys tell to contact

I have been going in a circle for last 25 days. Have been in e-mail
contact with the USA guys, they r trying to be helpfull but they do
not store 110 - 240v PSU. only european guys do, but they r not
helping out.

I asked them about the INPUT, OUTPUT & RPM etc necessary to get
the PSU custome made.. but that also they do not know.

I am frankly a LAYMAN in terms of the circuit board and power terms.

Can any one be kind enough to explain me in LAYMAN term what specs do
I require to know, so that i can get this custom made. I have been in
touch with a company in IRELAND which deals in circuit borads etc.

But they want the spec of the POWER SUPPLY etc. without that they r
not willing to take the risk of making PSU for me.

If you have found a solution can you please reply me at
saurabhazad@hotmail.com ?

Will appretiate it.


Re: terastation pro internal power supply replacement.

saurabhazad wrote:
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Have the "company in IRELAND which deals in circuit borads" look
at the pictures. This is just an open frame power supply, with
+5V and +12V outputs. They shouldn't need to build anything.
What is needed, is someone to fabricate some cabling. So, they
would need to find header pins similar to what is in the
Terastation power supply, if they wanted to rig up a substitute.

http://www.flickr.com/photos/84753662@N00 /

You could try asking Buffalo tech support, for the number of
amperes on +5V and +12V. That is the specification you need.
Then give that info to whoever is going to help you.

If the Terastation was in my home, I would just take an ATX
supply, and power the Terastation from that. But that is not
a job for a layman, and someone with some electronics
experience should help you.


Re: terastation pro internal power supply replacement.

On Mon, 13 Nov 2006 13:53:20 -0000, no@spam.invalid
(saurabhazad) wrote:

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It's an open frame power supply.  They're fairly commondity
items, an existing design should work and you'd merely need
an adapter made to match the wiring harness /pin connectors
on the existing supply.

You'll need the circuit board dimensions, the mounting hole
spacing/placement and dimensions (though if you gave them
the pictures Paul linked, they might be able to figure this
out as it looks pretty typical and "maybe" a 4" x 6" board,
if not metric.

You'll need the voltage rails it provides:  5V and 12V
You'll need the current per rail, it'll be a few amps per
rail.  I would _GUESS_ that a supply with 8A on 12V and 5A
on 5V will work, though a little higher amperage would be
better, and it "Might" need more than 5A on 5V.  Since
they'd most likely be adapting an existing design, inquire
as to what they have available and what the cost difference
is, as some open frame supplies spec'd for the bare minimum
require active cooling (good fan -pushed airflow) to supply
their maximum.  Ideally the supply would be about 120W+

If they're going to put the same pin header on it as on the
existing supply, it looks like a single row of 0.125" spaced
pins, again if you supply the pictures Paul linked, that
should help them make a good guess, odds are they can come
up with what you need based on the pictures.

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You do realize that for them to custom make a PSU, it will
be extremely expensive?  I would expect hundreds of dollars
at the very least, and only that low a price if they already
had something close to suitable that only needed adapted.
From scratch this could cost thousands of dollars.

I think your best course of action is to take the current
PSU to a good electronics technician, at a repair shop.
That is not a complex PSU, pretty simple actually, someone
with a reasonable education should have no trouble repairing
it for a fraction of the cost to have someone else make a
new one.

Re: terastation pro internal power supply replacement.

On Mon, 13 Nov 2006 13:53:20 -0000, no@spam.invalid
(saurabhazad) wrote:

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I should also add that you might be able to get all the info
you need by taking the circuit board or label numbers off
the existing PSU and doing a bit of investigation to find
manufacturer to contact them, or even the exact model specs
on the 'net.

There's also some info on this page,
listing two PSU made by Tamara but a search on tamara's site
didn't bring up the parts.

Power Supply Unit (Connected to CN13)
100V-120V PSU : Tamura Corp reference 84310056 / GS TAM 0616
100V-240V PSU : Tamura Corp reference 85310056 / GS TAM 0603

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