Taking a laptop apart

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My computer got a case of chock shock. Yeah, my
Toshiba Satellite laptop running WinXP Pro has a hardware
compatibility problem with Bridgestone P205/65R15 Protenzas.

The 'puter works fine except for now I have only half my screen (upper
left along long diagonal cut).  So, I figured I'd play with the
machine and take the screen off and look inside.  I took out all the
screws I could find but there's something in the middle that won't let
go.  My neighbor suggests the keyboard may pop off to expose a screw
or two.  I removed several random key caps and find it unlikely that
an individual key or two would hide a screw.  I'm not ready to put a
crowbar to it yet.  I can't see a way for fliping the keyboard off,
but I'd like to know if that's a common disassembly operation on

BTW I know I can still use the laptop with an external monitor, but
that's not where my curiosity is taking me.

Thanks folks.

Re: Taking a laptop apart

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  There are usually bevel strips that you can pry off, but
the general problem is that many of the plastic parts use
some form of interlocking tabs and slots that you need to
pry apart.  If you are not very careful, you can break off
the tabs.  There is a strip that usually runs across the top
of the keyboard, once that is off, you should be able to
remove the keyboard.


Re: Taking a laptop apart

On Sat, 2 Sep 2006 17:36:04 -0500, "Ken Maltby"

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I'll look for some, but I dooubt it.  There is absolutely nothing more
inside the bottom that can come, out without the use of destructive
tools, that is.

Re: Taking a laptop apart

Michael Wardreau wrote:
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Usually there are screws on the bottom of the laptop to undo a
kepboard. Plus the occasional magic catches. Some have pressure points
that you insert a pair of screwdrivers into (very small phillips)
Sometimes there are flip-up tabs covering screws. Sometimes there are
little plastic tabs that slide foward to release the keyboard. Also
remove the battery and anything in the removable bays (cd/floppy), they
often conseal screws.

You may have to remove the keyboard to get the screen out, because the
keyboard often conceals screws. You probably won't have to actually
disconnect the keyboard, you can usually get away with leaving the
cables connected. You may have to pry along the edges of the screen to
remove the bezel.

There isnt really a common dissasembly pattern among laptops. If you
had  Dell, i could point you straight to the service manual for your
laptop. But Service manuals for Toshibas are harder to get a hold of.
Though it can't hurt to google for your exact model for one.

You can probably hit Ebay for a relacement screen, if you want to have
a go at fixing it.

Re: Taking a laptop apart

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These are some of the things I've been looking for.  I'll look harder.

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I don't mind disconnecting the keyboard, but I need to know how to get
at it.  I suspect that's where the mysterious screws are...

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I've seen screens on eBay for about $150.  I've bought items on eBay
that had some seriously questionable quality issues and some downright
misleading descriptions.  Buying a screen smells of disaster.  

Right now I'm at the curiosity stage as to how to tear down the

I'll go the Google route.  

Thanks for the suggestions.

Re: Taking a laptop apart

Try posting this at comp.sys.laptops. There are some laptop experts who hang
out there.

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Re: Taking a laptop apart

On Sun, 3 Sep 2006 08:10:34 -0700, "MrB"

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Here's what I found at a.comp.laptops:
No the same as my model, but it looks a lot like mine.  That's the
hint I need.  Thanks.

Re: Taking a laptop apart

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Big snip.

Just disassembled a Tosh\ S3000-400.

On the rear at each end are 4 screws (2 each end).
these secure the 2 posts that support the screen assy.
The panel above the K\board hooks over the supports for
the screen assy.
As you lift the screen assy up it also lifts the panel, which
has to be unclipped at each end.
there are cables connected to the underside of the panel.
Gently does it.

Re: Taking a laptop apart


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I'll give it a try.I also found this:
at alt.comp.laptops.  It's pictures on how to take one apart.  Not my
model but it looks good.

My model is Satellite 2455

Re: Taking a laptop apart

On Sat, 02 Sep 2006 22:00:40 +0000, Michael Wardreau wrote:

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I'd get Dunlops...

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