System won't go into standby on its own

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Can anyone tell me why my P4 machine won't go into standby mode on it's own?

- I have no screen saver set
- Monitor is set to go blank after three minutes, and works fine.
- Harddrive is not set to powerdown after any length of time.
- Standby is set to occur after 5 minutes, but never happens (ie, doesn't
standby then wake up... It just never goes into standby)
- Manually putting the PC into standby works fine and it seems to stay that
way for hours.
- Wake on LAN is disabled on my NIC and in BIOS
- "Allow this hardware to wake PC" is disabled on all hardware where this is
an option.
- There are no entries at all in the Event Viewer that seem to indicate a

My hardware:
- Northwood P4 2.6Ghz @3.15Ghz
- Asus P4C800E Dlx mainboard, onboard intel gigabit lan, Onboard SoundMax
- 2x 256meg OCZ PC4200 (DDR533) DDR memory
- 128meg ATI Radeon 9600 Pro video card
- MSI TV Anywhere master TV tuner card (currently not connected)
- Seagate 3120026A 120 ATA hard drive
- WD Raptor 36gig SATA hard drive
- Logitech MX700 mouse connected to USB
- Logetech wireless keyboard connected to PS/2

- Windows XP Pro SP2
- Latest drivers for all hardware
- Alcohol 120%
- AVG antivirus
- Nero 6 Ultra Ed. more that shouldn't be starting until I choose to.

I'm assuming that there is some kind of hardware driver preventing StandBy,
but how to troubleshoot? What can I do to find out why it's not going into
StandBy mode?


Re: System won't go into standby on its own

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Could also be a piece of software. To test this just load up msconfig and
disable all startup items and retest.
More info can also be found here...

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Re: System won't go into standby on its own

I never had much luck with MSConfig when trying to fix problems, but this
time it worked great!

Turned out to be a piece of software called DTNotes. Basically a stickynote
program for your desktop. Once that was stopped the machine when to standby
with no problem.


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