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I want to build a cheap system to use as a file server.  Speed is no a big
deal I am more interested in capacity.  I haven't built a system in a while
so I may not know about all the new controllers & parts available.  Please
help with my questions.

1. Would creating a system with 4 PCI IDE controller cards with 4 hard
drives each pose any problems?
2. Will all OS's recognize this (4 controllers with 16 hard drives?)  I want
to go with windows if possible.
3. Anyone have any better suggestions on creating a system with this much
storage space?


Re: System suggestions

Make sure you have plenty of fast ram !!!! 2GB upwards would be my advice to
cut down on disk caching thus slowing your file server down...

Make sure your networks upto it... no point in having golden toilets with
with crap Victorian rusty lead plumbing...

Andrew Makinson

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Re: System suggestions

On Wed, 04 May 2005 17:47:40 -0400, Bill wrote:

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there should be no problem with 16 hard drives...
just be sure they are well ventilated and your power supply
can handle it

with the 64bit cpu's now out...
i'm sure your can get an older p-4 or AMD for a very good price

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