system keeps rebooting

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system keeps rebooting every now and then. xp pro, p3 866.  Started
having trouble about 3 weeks ago when Id try to access it from
another computer on the network. It would suddenly reboot as soon as i
logged on to its C: drive.  I removed it from the network and added
it again, no help.  It started going into disc scan" after reboot,
said there was a few bad sectors on the replaced the
harddrive and reinstalled xp and all other programs. Added another fan
thinking maybe it was overheating but as soon as i did that it
wouldnt even boot to windows.  Hmmm...maybe power supply problem, so
put in new 450w ps. Next step is disable onboard lan and use another
lan card i guess.
any suggestions????
thanx, cdan

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