system instable - mprime - which hardware is broken

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some of the programs i run on my computer hang after a while of usage. i
tried to reinstall windows-xp, but i get a blue screen complaining about
some not further discribed hardware which shall be broken.

i can still run linux and used mprime which finds very fast errors while
calculating primes.

by trial and error i played with the bios frequency and voltage settings.
no i have got
CPU Voltage Adjust -0,6%
DIM Voltage Adjust +6,4%
(CPU-CLock 133 -which is- i guess -  the failsafe default)

mprime in linux does not find further errors.

windows xp still complains and dont want to install. switching onboard
hardware like ie 1394 controller, usb controller, sound ... in the bios on
and of does not change the behaviour.

can anybody give me advise which part of my hardware is broken?

I have got:
Elitegroup L7VTA Motherboard
Athlon XP 2200+ CPU
DDR RAM 256MB FSB333 CL2 from Infineon VGA Aopen GF4 MX-440SE

the computer does not boot with my soundblaster 64 PCI card plugged in. so
i use the onboard sound.

thanks a lot in advance for your help!

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