System files on hard drives

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When I installed this Seagate 160GB drive in the secondary channel, I
partitioned it as two NTFS 80-GB partitions, 8 sectors/cluster. One is a
primary partition (D:) and the other is a logical drive in extended
space (G:), according to Paragon Partition Manager. (My primary drive is
partitioned as C:, E;, and F:.)

Using Partition Manager, I reduced D: to 20.1GB, but G: "grew" to only
107 GB, a far cry from the 160-20.1=139.9 GB I expected. So there's
about 33 GB I can't account for. Where is it? (Partition Manager doesn't
show any free space on the drive that might account for the missing 33 GB.)

According to Windows 2000's defragger, a large portion of G: (about
10GB)is occupied by some System Files. I don't know if they are included
in a partition's reported capacity. Anyway, what are they? If they are
included in the reported capacity, there's still about 23 GB of lost
storage I can't account for. What happened to it?

G: has 55.6 GB used and 52.1 GB free.

D: consists of two empty folders, a Recycler folder consisting of 85
bytes (occupying 8,192 bytes)and a System Volume Information folder,
consisting of 0 bytes. Yet according to Partition Manager, 97 MB are
used. By what? The Indexing Service is on, but three of the four folders
are completely empty and the other is only 8,192 bytes. Can the overhead
for the index be as large as 97 MB when there is virtually nothing in
the folders?

Indexing Service is on for the G: partition. Is the index stored within
the System Files? Could the index be as large as 10 GB for 55.6 GB used
in that partition?

Sorry to be so wordy. Just trying to cover all bases.



Re: System files on hard drives

The reason that I lost the full capacity of 160GB on the drive is that
Partition Manager 5.0, during resizing of the partitions, somehow
modified the registry such that it limited the drive size to 137GB, even
though the BIOS correctly showed it as 160GB.

The Seagate installation software identified the problem and corrected it.

Re: System files on hard drives

Ray K wrote:

Quoted text here. Click to load it

NTFS uses pretty large invisible files, 97M is on the small side.
Reading them on 98 (with an ntfs reader) reveals them.


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