Synchronizing hard drives?

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I have an external and my friend has an external. On each of them we
have say 20,000 files. But we each have some files that the other
doesn't have.

How can we link them up and give each other all the files the other is
missing, but not make a bunch of dupe files in the process?

Sorry if this post didn't make sense, I don't know how else to
describe it.


Re: Synchronizing hard drives?

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Copy one external (the larger of the two) onto a drive with enough
room. Then "move" the other external into the same folder in the same
drive. When the question comes up "do you want to replace......." say
NO and what is left on the last external will be files that you both
have. Get rid of them and copy folder to both externals.

Re: Synchronizing hard drives?

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Download the Freeware version of SyncBack found at:
Once you have it setup  you plug both drives into the computer and give it a

You will need to instruct the program what you want it to do, such as copy
only different stuff from one to the other or copy all different stuff from
both drives to the other.  It has too many options to go into here but it's
one great program for keeping two drives in sync with each other.

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