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Re: "Switch on" with no case

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That's not a bad idea. You could use it as a media centre PC and maybe even
put a projector in there as well.


Re: "Switch on" with no case

On Sun, 08 Jan 2006 18:36:39 +0000, Rich

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The motherboard pin header has two pins for the on/off
switch.  A case has this switch connected by a length of
wire (varies, about 16" long) and either a bi-pin connector
socket with 0.1" or 2.54mm spacing, or it's part of a more
integrated connector with many wires (as with OEMs).

You simply need a momentary contact, normally open switch
with a length of two conductor wire and a bipin socket with
the aforementioned 0.1" spacing.

You could build this yourself, or you could just take the
tip of a screwdriver to these two pins (carefully) every
time you wanted to turn on the system or force it off.

Another option is to visit a mom-n-pop computer shop, if you
don't have any spare cases lying about.  Any ATX case, even
the old AT cases' reset switch, would have one of these
ready-to-use in it, you'd just pull the front bezel off and
take the switch out of it's housing (usually two tabs or
hot-glued in, sometimes on a removable panel that screws to
the main case wall).

If you don't need play with it much, I'd just use the
screwdriver... though if you'll continually be playing with
odd bits of gear it is handy to have a spare power
switch/lead/connector assembly handy for such occasions.

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