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So I've been looking into swapping multiple platters in a hard drive
to an exact same hard drive.

My hard drive died and the motor failed. The only way to is to swap
the platters (And there's three of them). Now I know they need PERFECT
alignment, and this is the hard part. I know there is a product out
there that does multiple platters exchange, although it's $400!


I have an idea and it involves using either store bought or makeshift
clamps to clamp down on the sides of all three platters at once with
rubber holding it fast. And using if I can, ideally, three clamps to
maximize the platters don't move. Has anyone done this before or know
if they think it'll work? I plan to test this on some cheap-o hard
drives to test if I can read and write on the harddrive before and
after I swap them in and out of each other.

Re: Swap Multiple Platters

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its a very interesting question I had always assumed that the platters were
securely attached to the drive spindle so it was possible to transfer the
lot as one unit I llok forward to the response of somebody who has stripped
a drive down I regret the number I tossed into the bin after failure when I
should perhaps have made the effort.

Re: Swap Multiple Platters

On Mon, 13 Oct 2008 23:36:17 +0100, "Derek"

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The drive spindle has platter, spacing ring, another
platter, spacing ring, another platter (and I forget if
another spacing ring before the...) top plate which screws
hold onto the drive spindle.

It seems very unlikely all of this work on the drive can be
done without any dust/other contamination causing problems.
The theory of a makeshift device to do it seems reasonable
otherwise, but in theory we can easily fabricate any kind of
precision device - and be left without in practice since it
only takes one slip for the platter alignment to be lost.
IMO it's time to decide if a data recovery center's fee
should be paid or the data assumed lost.  If the latter can
be accepted, then go ahead and try a makeshift clamp.

If you are lucky and it actually works, copy off the most
valuable data first since any dust inside could cause head

Re: Swap Multiple Platters

Derek wrote:
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There is a page here with some advice. This guy seems to think
the stuck spindle problem is a common one, especially for larger
capacity Seagate drives.


    "As you can see in the diagram the spindles shaft has caused
     unrepair-able abrasions in the spindles cylinder... this is
     much like a piston from a car engine, it needs to move freely
     and if damaged this would need to be machined smooth or re-bored
     So forcing of the spindle to turn, will only make matters worse...
     this spindle motor needs to be replaced!

     This is NOT a spindle Bearing problem so trying to put any type
     of oil is not going to achieve anything but unrecoverable platter

     Problem #3

     Balancing and Alignment of the Platters are Crucial to any
     recovery so do not disturb there original position for any
     reason or you might as well bin the drive. These Platters
     need to be taken out as a set without being disturbed."

You can see the coils for the spindle motor here. Looks like it
is six phase. The removable metal bit must have some magnetic


Closeup inside the bearing

View from the outside of the drive housing. The machined pattern
in the metal, almost looks like it might be intended to pump a
fluid. But how it is all held together, is unclear.


Anyway, the above is some info from a person who has worked
on more than one of them. Unscrewing the platters would be
a mistake.


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