Sun Solaris Sparc - cd boot to USB disk

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I'm having problem booting a sun blade 150 OBP v4.6. I can mount the
digital (WD) USB disk drive and format it with a new file
system, that all works
find. Its when I try to use this same disk for
booting the OS that i encounter
Here is what I've done so far: Added a version 2.0 belkin pci USB
connected the WD drive, booted single user with the current Sol 10
OS, mounted
and newfs the disk, then installed a Sol 10 OS onto the WD
drive. To boot from
the usb disk I tried " boot
/pci@1f,0/pci@5/usb@1,2/disk@0,0:a" which appears to
be correct per
Openboot command "dev".
The error is " can't locate boot device "
At this point i think that i need to update the OBP to v4.7 but I
can't seem to
located it on the web. Does any one know if I'm on the
right track or where I
might find the OBP 4.7 download?

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