Stupid question: remote usb

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I want to have some my usb devices in a different place than my computer.
I think to put 20m cable into my flat(through walls) to achieve this goal.
Will this work reliable with usb20 if i use such amplifier available for
usb ?
Another option would be using zigbee, or wlan ???

Whats the easist solution to achieve my goal ?


Re: Stupid question: remote usb

On Wed, 31 Oct 2007 14:07:19 -0400, kony wrote:

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No, my remote usb devices are a lcd display, a usb soundcard and a usb
remote control receiver.

any hints ???

Re: Stupid question: remote usb

Guenther Sohler wrote:
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    Q3: How far away from a PC can I put a USB device?

    A3: With the maximum of 5 hubs connected with 5m cables and a 5m cable
        going to your full speed device, this will give you 30m of cable
        (see section 7.1.19 for details). With a low speed device, you will
        be able to get a range up to 27m, depending on how long the device's
        cable is. With a straightforward cable route, you will probably be
        able to reach out 25m or so from the PC.

GWC 16.4 ft. USB 2.0 Repeater Cable Model AR2500- 5M - Retail     $11 USD

COMTOP 16 ft. USB Repeater Cable, AM/AF Model 10U2-24116 - Retail   $15 USD

SABRENT 16.5 ft. USB 2.0 ACTIVE Extension REPEATER Cable AM/ AF Model USB-EXC2 -
Retail  $10 USD

The COMTOP one had the best reviews:

Buy four of the above products, and that will give a total of 20 meters
of cable. With the COMTOP unit, the total project cost is $60 plus shipping.

Note the comment about bus power. You cannot expect much +5V to be available
at the end of the cable! Your USB device at the other end of the 20M cable
must have well less than a 100mA load. Each USB repeater is a bus powered
hub, with a 100mA power limit. Plus, you have the voltage drop in the
long length of cable. Since these products are so low priced, I would
expect them to cheat on the amount of copper used in the cable. As
long as your "lcd display, a usb soundcard and a usb remote control receiver"
have their own power supply, they'll be fine. Alternately, you can
purchase a self powered USB2 hub for the end of the cable, and solve the
USB power problem that way.

In the following diagram, you will need three USB2 repeater cables ($45),
a five meter USB2 passive cable, a USB2 powered hub with A.C. Adapter. The
total number of hubs is four, in this chain, which meets the limit of using
five hubs in a row. The powered USB2 hub gives 500mA maximum, to each output

       <---- Repeater ---->                   A.C. Adapter
             Cables                            |
             15Meters       <- 5m passive ->   |
                                   cable       |
    PC -----X -----X -----X ---------------- Powered ----- LCD Display
                                             USB2 Hub ---- USB sound
                                                      ---- USB remote control

Hope that helps,

Re: Stupid question: remote usb

Hallo Paul,

I also thought about this option.
Alternatively i thought about a different concept:
How about transmitting the signal over powerline.

There are devices on the market named

"usb ethernet over powerline" but i fear these devices transfer an
ethernet connection over powerline, optionally per usb.
or can they really transfert the usb bus over powerline.

I thought about using a wlan card but does there exist a usb roothub with
an ehternet ip adress ?

so much thinking...

Re: Stupid question: remote usb

Guenther Sohler wrote:
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If you would link to the specific device, I could say it with
confidence, but I suspect your fears are founded.  Devices such as this:

...are a means to extend your home network through your power lines.
Or, at least that's the theory.  They don't seem very reliable to me.

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There is this:

...but it only supports USB1.1.  I suppose a gigabit (1000Mbps) network
could keep up with USB2 (480Mbps), but I've not seen such a device.

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Re: Stupid question: remote usb

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Grinder wrote:
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I should have looked more closely.  It appears that this company makes a
number of USB2 extenders:

Re: Stupid question: remote usb


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IMHO for that, it does not need more than 0,5A in total of current &
speed of Usb1.1 should be enough (it is not video data that is
transfered to need real Usb2.0 speed) ... you can make a double 21m
H123 sat coax & powered prolongue of the ordinary 2-3m standard usb
cable cut in half ... like this (powered from PC): someone could made
it for you if you have no soldering practice ...

or this (non powered): with than using minimum an old extra powered
Usb1.1 hub at the end to provide power to the attached end hardware &
to split usb data to different edge hardware used ...

may work well ....

That first for example approx.15m long "fast DIY" made with ordinary
TV coax I used it for my active wifi UsbKey antenna experiments :

it worked till 24m of TL lenght tested for wifi 802.11b Only
(11Mbit/s) (WLAN UsbKey antena away from my PC) ...

                Regards ,  SPAJKY ®
   mail addr. @ my site @
   5y - "Tualatin OC-ed / BX-Slot1 / inaudible setup!"

Re: Stupid question: remote usb

On 31 Oct 2007 16:10:12 GMT, Guenther Sohler

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Easiest depends on what your goal is, the purpose.  If
you're just trying to set up a webcam then get one with
wireless lan support, and of course a wifi acess point or
router with access point functionality.

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