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Guru of 3D also has this from a guy at Creative on why they dont
have a PCI express version which was hyped as being in the works at
various sites :

As far as PCI Express (PCIe) is concerned, which is the next bus, what
we found is that the performance of PCIe is truly bad for audio. We
are seeing four times degradation on the bus for audio.

PCIe is designed for graphics and high data transfer, but audio sends
very small packets and the overhead can be very big! Moving the data
across PCIe is much, much higher than PCI. So what we have to do is go
back to the drawing board and work on the transport part of the chip
and re-design it to add more silicon to overcome some of the problems
we had with PCIe. So for us to come up with a PCIe solution is going
to take a while because we have to overcome the problems we're facing
with that bus.


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There are some decent prices on some versions of the audigy 2s as they
clear them out.

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