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After slogging through some long threads after getting paranoid about
the nforce4 chipset there seems to roughly this consensus.

The best DAWs without going to more exotic hardware ---

INTEL older AGP based chipsets P4

INTEL newer PCI express boards also exhibited problems
   clicks and pops and big latency figures but they say
   the fix is to use a modest video card.

AMD nforce3 OK with AGP.

AMD nforce4 --- problems with clicks and pops and big latency figures.
I was reading some thread and they kept hoping for a fix
        but I guess there isnt one yet.

Theres a lot of talk about the PCI express implementation not being
optimal in its present state, nvidia using bandwidth for video to get
max performace for that aspect at the expense of other areas etc.
And they seem pessimistic about a fix since they say the pro music mkt
segment is only 3% of the mkt not really worth bothering with unless
its a quick fix.

Theres some talk about nforce pro chipsets and real dual processor
systems being OK.  There was also speculation about dual core
processors working better but I cant find a clear thread on that so I
dont know if its true or not.

I guess that weird nforce3 board that accepts 939 chips is "the fix"
to some extent.

Anyway luckily I have a 754 socket chip and a 939 but Ill still have
to buy a nforce3 board to replace the SIS one that came with the
compaq 754 socket as Ive seen some references claiming the SIS has
some problems with some music cards.

Maybe someone here has more updated info.

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Read another thread and they say dual core fixes the problem.
So I guess nforce4 works as long as you get a dual core.

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