Stuck#3 key in laptop keyboard

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Hello group
Recently I noticed that when I open one of my sony notebook s, I
notice that there is something thats blocking the particular letter
key from being pressed to produce a letter on the document I am
preparing. It=92s some sort of a tiny movable obstruction something like
1-2mm in
diameter.I am not sure where it came from.
 I would like to remove it but am not sure if such notebook
keys can be pried open like the desktop keyboard.
Or do I really have to carefully detach the whole keyboard and remove
the obstruction?
This unit is one of the 17 inch VAIO AR series.
To keep that keyboard usable I have to poke the area where the
obstruction is occuring allowing to roll aside, but that is not a
permanent solution.
Now I am pressing that obstructed #3 key sideways so that it will work
as if I press is frontally it won=92t.
I would like to hear what are the suggestions of people that have
similar experience or knowledgeable in removing notebook keyboard

Re: Stuck#3 key in laptop keyboard

Roy wrote:
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Off the top of my head--have you tried a blast of compressed air?

Re: Stuck#3 key in laptop keyboard

On Mon, 22 Sep 2008 05:46:06 -0700 (PDT), Roy

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I wonder if this obstruction is  a broken off part on the
keyboard or if it's something from the outside world that
become lodged in there.  If a broken off part, that could be
why the key doesn't work so well, but if it's something from
outside the laptop then however it got in is in theory a gap
big enough to get it out again.

Some keyboards can't be taken apart, they're non-servicable.
You might as well pull the keyboard module out and examine
it to see if this is the case.  Gently prying up on it or
flexing it might help, (once it's out of the laptop) but I
can't assure you that it wouldn't break.  Same goes for
trying to pry that key off to gain access to the area.

A last resort might be running water over the removed
keyboard module.  If you're lucky and it's a food particle
that may dissolve it, though you'd then need to shake excess
water out and let it air dry for a relatively long time as
the construction of it may trap water inside such that it
drys very slowly (multiple days dry time).

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