Strange video display: look

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Hi there, Group!

I began getting strange video, while playing Frecell, about 2-3 weeks
ago.  (Now I know, nobody here wastes time on Freecell...)

Please have a look at:

If I minimize the Freecell window, then restore it, the image "corrects"

The video is using an nVidia GeForce 7300GS chip, 256MB.

I haven't experienced any other video problems.

I can't say if this is harware or software.

The prescribed troubleshooting technique would, of course, be to swap out
the video card.

Just wondered if anyone out there had seen anything like this.

Thanks for any insight you can give me,

- Ralph

Re: Strange video display: look

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I get the same artifact with a GeForce 4800GS, 512Mb.
I suspect it started with a new nVidia driver from MS Update.
Since it only shows up in Freecell, I'm ignoring it.

Re: Strange video display: look

On Mon, 14 Dec 2009 15:34:43 GMT, Ralph Innes

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For lack of other ideas, I would suspect a monitor cable
and/or poor cable/mobo or cable/monitior  issue.

Granted, I am assuming you are using an analog connection.
If you can go digital, do so.

Re: Strange video display: look

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Kony, I think you are referring to the the vertical lines, but these are
just from the shutter speed vs screen refresh speed and probably only show
in the photo. I presume the problem is the cards that are drawn on top of
each other - the image is not cleaned when cards are moved across the
screen. This is not a hardware problem, but definitely software.

I would recommend changing the driver - either install a newer driver, or
roll-back to a previous graphics driver - both of these actions can be done
via the control panel -> device manager. Find the graphics card, look at its
properties and press the relevant 'install new' or 'roll-back' button.

Re: Strange video display: look

On Tue, 15 Dec 2009 10:42:27 -0000, "GT"

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Somehow I didn't even look long enough to notice the cards,
or maybe I assumed the game would do that... not much of a
Freecell player.  I agree the cards have nothing to do with
the cable.

Re: Strange video display: look

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I had to look twice to see the problem too!

I should have just replied something along the lines of 'wet paper bag' :-)

Re: Strange video display: look

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Hi Group!

It's been a year, but I solved the "hardware" problem.

This all began when I accidentally invited a bit of malware into my
computer.  In an effort to rid myself of the pestilence, I installed
every anti-virus, anti-malware, known to man.

Including Prevx.

My subscription to Prevx ran out the other day, and I uninstalled it.

Video is back to normal, and the incessant floppy accesses are gone, too.

Just thought you might like to hear of the conclusion to this saga.

- Ralph

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