strange RAM problem

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OK, I have 3 memory sticks:-

1 256 MB PC133
1 128 MB PC100
1 512 MB PC133

The 256MB has been working fine in the PC for some time.

Today I tried to put the 512 in along with it - but it was not
recongised at all.  So I take the 256 out, and the 512 is recognised as
128 - strange!

I put the 256 back in and now it is only picking up as 128 too!

So now, no matter which which combination of memory i put in the
machine i get a grand total of 128MB, which is well short of my hoped
750 odd!

I am at a loss as to what is wrong here - has anyone got any
suggestions?  Are there any BIOS  settings that could affect this (I
did change some, but nothing that seemed relevant).

The PC is a PIII 500 (Packard Bell) Platinum

Re: strange RAM problem

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did you try diffrent slots with just one stick of memory at a time?

Re: strange RAM problem

philo wrote:
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Yea, I have tried the original memory in each slot at a time - but it
is still no good, only 128MB registered!

Re: strange RAM problem

On 23 Nov 2005 14:05:54 -0800,

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What chipset does your motherboard use?
That could explain why it wouldn't support the 512MB module
as it's probably high density, and further, the system might
only support 256MB per slot and even limited to only 512MB

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Try clearing the CMOS.  Afterwards, if it still only reports
128MB, I would suspect that it either never worked as 256MB
capacity, OR you have somehow damaged the motherboard,
perhaps through ESD or not unplugging the AC prior to
instaling the memory.

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Forget about the 512MB module, get a refund on that one if
possible but leave it out of system and try only the
original memory, in the first slot.

Re: strange RAM problem

kony wrote:
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The 256 definately worked as 256 before all this messing about - thats
why I am so confused!  I would have thought that ESD would have caused
the PC to not work at all, as oppose to just registering a lower amount
of memory.

By clearing the CMOS do you just mean selecting 'load system defaults'
in the cmos menus?

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Unfortunately the 512MB was an ebay purchase - but I guess I can always
sell it again!  Already tried the original in the first slot, and all I
get is 128MB.

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