strange electrical problem........

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i got  anew pc, its a hp a556x + with upgraded nVidia card fx

first few weeks no glitches or problems, then one day it wouldnt turn

i kept on trying then checked wires, i noticed the back light led near
the where the power comes into pc if OFF (even when the wire is
connected and outlet is working)

its wierd, sometime the light comes on when i re plug things in and out
even then when i start to boot up pc it fails after checks cd-rom drive
or post (no sounds)

the other day i got it to work (randomly same procedure - everything
came up fine xp and all) but then i shut it down to see if the porblem
still continued and it did, so it

1, it doesnt show power going in (led not green) even when its
connected properly

2. when it does the power seem to go out right after it checks cd-rom
drive or post?

3. 1 time i got it too work fine but after shutdown i coldnt restart
again (same probelm now)

what could it be?

thanks 10000x

Re: strange electrical problem........

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first possibility to consider is the upgrade to the Nvidia graphics card
requires a better PSU than the one that comes with the original PC.

Re: strange electrical problem........

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His problem isn't with the graphics card, it's the power supply. The green
indicator light on the power supply tells you that the supply is working,
that there is power getting to it. When the light is out even when plugged
in, there's no power getting to it. The problem is a bad power supply.

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