STR LED on boot

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Hi All,

I'm having a problem booting up an old P3 machine.  Everything turns
on, HDD, Fan, etc., but the monitor gives no response (black screen).
Initially the light on the monitor is green, then becomes amber after
about 2 or 3 seconds.  It worked for me a couple days ago.  Since then,
I've cleaned out dust (with pressurized air)... ever since, no screen.
I've made sure that all connections are secure, and i've also swapped
out video cards, still no luck.

I did notice, however, that the suspend to RAM (STR) LED is on
immediately when the machine powers up.  I'm not a hardware guru, so
that may be normal... just an observation.  I'd appreciate any help
anybody could provide...



Re: STR LED on boot

Nick wrote:
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Try booting with a Win9x boot disk, one of the Linux disk-based OSs, or
your WinXP install CD.  This will confirm that the mainboard is OK.


Re: STR LED on boot


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That LED is probably always on so long as you have 5VSB
coming from the PSU (which on an ATX, means it's plugged
into a live wall outlet, nothing more).

So the ONLY thing you had changed was blowing it out with
the air?  If so, recheck all cables, other mechanical
connections, and while unplugged from AC, pull the battery
out for 10 minutes.

Re: STR LED on boot

I've tried booting from my WinXP install disk... I can also try my
solaris disk, but I don't imagine that would be any different.

I will try to pull the battery out for 10 mins and see if that helps...

kony wrote:
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