Storage of computer parts (question)

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Hello is it ok to store computer parts, like memory and modems, in plastic
boxes? Do you need antistatic sleaves? Thanks

Re: Storage of computer parts (question)

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i always use anti static sleeves, but that's cause i have a bunch, you can  
make your own sleeve from aluminum foil, no guarantees.

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Re: Storage of computer parts (question)

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Aluminum foil will NOT work...

An antistatic bag will conduct electricity SLOWLY. You grab the bag, the bag
allows your charge and the part to equalize slowly, so no damage is done. By
the time you've gotten into the bag your charge should be the same as the
part, so no damage.

Foil is just as bad as having nothing at all.

The point of anti-static "anything" is to get charges equal, not to zero...
The only reason that most antistatic mats are grounded (through a 1 meg ohm
resistor) is that it's the most common and easiliest voltage to obtain.

Re: Storage of computer parts (question)

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Most computer parts are less sensitive than advertised, but there are a few

RAM sticks and processors should always be stored in an antistatic
environment. These are the pieces that have the smallest, most senstive,
most densely packed transistors and capacitors, and the highest price tag
per square inch.

The dryer your climate, and the higher your altitude, the more likely you
are to experience problems with static.  Here in western Oregon the risk is
minimal (but still exists) while in Colorado it's a constant threat and

Note that many adapter cards, especially video cards, have at least some
memory and processor chips on them, and the more you value the component the
more carefully you should protect it.

In general, if you have a sleeve, you should use it; there's certainly no
reason not to!


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