sticky substance on and under notebook keys

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I am trying to help a friend who spilled a mixed drink on her
Unfortunately, the liquid is one her keys and also under them.

All suggestions as to how to fix the problem are appreciated.

Thank you in advance.

Re: sticky substance on and under notebook keys

allanc wrote:
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You can usually get replacement keyboard assemblies. After removing
a bias strip just above the keyboard, you may see some screws that
hold the assembly in place. The keyboard is modular, because different
keyboards are used depending on the market the laptop is being sold
in. You have to be careful, when ordering a replacement part, to
order the correct keyboard (I've seen at least four part numbers,
in a parts list for a laptop).

After the keyboard assembly is removed from the laptop, you could
try washing it. My record on keyboards is 50:50 - I ruined my
expensive keyboard, and three keys on it refuse to work, even
after washing for ten minutes and then allowing to dry for
a couple days. My current keyboard survived with all keys
functional, but this keyboard is a membrane type, and relatively
easy to wash. It comes apart, and the membrane layers separate
so they dry easily.

Some keyboards use a "scissor" mechanism below each key. I
don't know what is used as a contact for those, or how you'd even
begin to clean it.

So you can disassemble and try washing it. But be prepared to
have to buy a new keyboard.


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