sticking heads clicking whining not spinning

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Hi Folks:
   I just read a funny post telling someone to twist their drive in
their hands to unstick the heads from the platters. It had to be done
is a certain direction. Then someone said if your south of the equator,
you need to flick it in the other direction!  Haha! Anyway..
   I've had three 2.5" hard drives, oldies, just recently seize.  I
pulled them apart, and the platters look a little scuffed, but the
heads do seem to stick to the surface. Trichlor seemed to clean the
surface of the scuff marks, leaving me to think there is some kind of
lubricant/wax or such on the platters. Well, I think I washed it off,
because the heads are dragging real heavy now!  I can barely spin the
platters by hand! It feels like I'm going to tear the heads off! The
heads lift off the platters easy, they don't 'stick' but they do drag
like rubber on asphault. Some post said there is no coating.  These are
two 60mb and two 20mb 2.5" drives. They're crap anyway, but was
wondering what's causing this. I think I'm going to replace them with

Re: sticking heads clicking whining not spinning

HarryHydro wrote:
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There are a couple of lubricants discussed here.

So various coatings are used.

And Trike is a carcinogen. I had my bottle of Trike, taken away
from me years ago, by the Health and Safety committee. Find a
safe way to dispose of it (not down the sink).


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