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I am part of the tech team at my church, and we have recently been
making some changes in terms of video presentation during the service.
I am uncertain of the specific model of our video card, but I do know
that it is an nVidia with dual VGA and one S-Video outputs. We use the
program SundayPlus for songs, scripture, etc. Today was our trial run
of using SundayPlus hooked up to one of the VGA outputs as opposed to
the S-Video Output, as well as using a video loop for a moving
background during the song. The only problem is that with SundayPlus,
we have to close the video player controls (and consequently blank the
screen briefly) in order to use the 'bail image' (our church logo) or
to navigate the CueList. What we are wanting to do is somehow feed the
church logo to the S-Video output, and then connect that as a separate
input on our switcher/scaler. Is there some way that this could easily
be done?

In addition, and this is more specific to SundayPlus but I figure I'll
ask anyway, when we are in a song with a moving background, the
preview doesn't show up on the monitor and so I have to use the
monitor connected to the switcher/scaler to see what is being shown to
the audience. Is there some way to re-enable that preview on the main

Thanks in advance for the help!

Re: Static S-Video Image Output


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I'm not sure about nVidia cards, but I know ATI will let you use S-Video
just like a second monitor. You would set the card for dual monitor and
"extend" your desktop onto it. From there you should be able to drag your
image viewer (or whatever displays the logo) onto the second desktop. The
result should be SundayPlus running on VGA and your church logo displayed on

This all works in theory - you would have to test it out for yourself to see
if it will do the job.


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