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  After powering off for the night and startup the next day, after
pushing the start button it takes the computer some time to turn on.
Sometimes i get a cursor on startup but shutting off and restarting
the puter will start.

 I tried today to leave power on but computer off and it started right
up, not when it is cold.

Re: Startup problem

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The usual culprits with the power on problem you are describing are the
power supply starting to die, capacitors on the motherboard doing the same,
or the low voltage power on button connected to the motherboard is starting
to going bad.

Visually check the condition of the motherboard capacitors with a
flashlight. Bulging or dark residue on or oozing out of them is a sure sign
of a capacitor problem.

Locate the motherboard power-on pins going to the power on button and try
momentarily shorting them with something metallic. Note: this is not where a
power supply cable is connected to the motherboard.

Try another power supply of equal or larger capacity. The old unit may not
be up to the power-on surge current caused by aging components in the power
supply itself or other items inside the computer case.

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