Squeaking Hard Drive

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I have a 3yr-old Dell Dimension 2350 with a 30 GB hard drive. Lately, the
hard drive has started to make some squeaking sounds. The noise can be heard
once every 5 minutes or so, lasts about a second, and sounds like pulling a
rubber eraser over a glass plate. I suspect that it has something to do with
parking the arm when the disk is idle. Is this a sign that it will fail soon
or nothing to worry about? Can it be fixed?

Thanks, Max

Re: Squeaking Hard Drive

It means that your harddrive is beginning to fail, and No, it is not


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Re: Squeaking Hard Drive

On Sun, 20 Nov 2005 23:13:08 GMT, "Max"

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Are you certain it's the drive, not a fan?

If so, the drive may be short-lived and you should make a
backup of any/all data immediately, replace it.

Re: Squeaking Hard Drive

When dealing with Dell, it is saddly common to have their harddrives
fail remarkably quickly.  This happened to me and my roommate.  Neither
of our laptops ever made that noise though, so as mentioned above,
definately investigate to make sure its not a fan.  If your still under
warranty, call immediately to have them send you a new drive or get it
fixed some other way, but it is most likely an issue with the hard
drive.  You wont be able to fix it, and if you could, it probably
wouldnt be worth it, so back up NOW, find out if it is the drive
itself, and if so get a new one.

Re: Squeaking Hard Drive

On 21 Nov 2005 14:19:21 -0800, "Ray  Garcia"

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Dell uses industry standard hard drives, and these laptop
drives are very robust.  Having them fail quickly is more a
sign of rough handling of the notebook than anything else if
it can be attributed to anything other than one particular
brand of hard drive having a design flaw.

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