specialised hardware I'm looking for

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I have a project I want to do, and some things I want to experiment
on. basically I need some equipment I can't find, which would be a usb
connected handheld monitor. it would be nice if it was slightly
smaller than the size of an average laptop screen, and if it could be
turned to grayscale and was backlit this would also be a good thing
(grayscale would be fine though, or if it had the possibility of
calibrating its display very well)

I am hoping for it to be cheap (and hey, if its grayscale should be

Re: specialised hardware I'm looking for

On 5 Mar 2007 16:19:28 -0800, "pantagruel"

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Good luck, Samsung is coming out with one (SyncMaster 940UX)
soon in color but it's about $500 and it's unlikely anyone
is developing a new product just so they can degrade it with
a greyscale screen to make it cheap anytime soon.

Such a monitor is bound to require quite a lot of CPU host
processing too, unless you had a special card internally to
drive it, which sort of defeats the purpose of it being USB.

Re: specialised hardware I'm looking for

pantagruel wrote:
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You can start with one of these, then search for a VGA monitor to
go with it. The adapter can be found cheaper than directly on the
Startech site. I would purchase the adapter first, and test it
for display quality, with an existing monitor. Then shop for
the monitor you wish to use with it.

USB to VGA adapter. 1280x1024 @ 16 bit color.


Re: specialised hardware I'm looking for

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Have a look at the monitors intended for cars on ebay.

Re: specialised hardware I'm looking for

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It'd be better to spell out why you need it, what you want to do with it.

It may be that a Palm etc would do the job quite adequately.

Re: specialised hardware I'm looking for

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Well the reason why I didn't specify exactly what I needed is I was
sort of worried it would start a holy war, because I've noticed this
holy war tendency before on the subject I am contemplating.

And what is that subject? Ebooks.

I have a lot of books. They are also in the way in my apartment. I've
always been a reader and I've always wished that I could put most of
those books in electronic form (as most of the books I have are in
fact pre 20th century and either classics of wester literature or
ancient mythological historical or poetic works they can be generally
found in ebook format of one sort or another)

Now, I could buy a dedicated ebook reader. I don't find the palm
interesting though. Sony and the other newer ebook readers are too
expensive for my taste, and too likely to be superceded within a few
years, besides of them all Sony looks best and I'm boycotting them for
a few years.

Basically I don't need anything I can carry around like a book, my
laptop will do because I carry it everywhere anyway.

So what then, basically all I need to do is to optimize the display
for reading. I can use the accessibility features of Windows to get a
nearly grayscale look to a monitor and I can increase font size or
switch font type programmatically when reading, but it is not enough.
I can write an 'ebook screen filter', a transparent window that adds
capabilities to whatever window is below it but basically I decided
that what I need most is a monitor that can be controlled with greater
granularity than the windows setup gives and that is small enough that
it can be taken with me wherever I take my laptop.

now for the needs I am contemplating SyncMaster 940UX seems to big.
The usb to vga adaptor that paul mentioned looks good, I think i might
buy that anyway despite the cost. But it wasn't necessarily what I was
looking for.

Basically I want to have a solution where it is easy to read the
monitor for prolonged periods of time, and where I can alter it to fit
changing conditions (a dual monitor solution would also be neat
because I could set one at higher resolution)

I can, when reading, spend upwards of 9 hours reading in one sitting
(although I don't do this too much anymore.)

Okay, I know this sounds silly and people will now start talking about
how their reader X is good enough for them and such but I don't think
I find them fitting what I want.


Re: specialised hardware I'm looking for

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Actually it might be that there is a particular version of linux that
allows setting the monitor capabilities with the granularity I need to
set. Does anyone know of a particular linux where one can say display
should be monochrome etc.

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