Speakers equivalent to Creative Labs Inspire 2.1 T3000?

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I ordered Creative Labs Inspire 2.1 T3000 speakers for xmas, the
problem is I just received a mail telling me they didn't have any
anymore, and since I hardly can find them for such a good price (40-45
=80, $47-$53 dollar if you like), I'd like to know if there's a 2.1
system of this quality for such a low price?

Re: Speakers equivalent to Creative Labs Inspire 2.1 T3000?

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What about the Logitech x-230?  Its got similar specs --- 5 inch sub
20 watts , 6 watts sats. It doesnt have a two way sat though instead
two small full range drivers in each satellite and I dont think it has
the control box that the 3000 has. Its sold in the US for $40-50

http://www.consumersearch.com/www/computers/computer-speakers /

I take it you arent in the US. The T3000 seems like it may be in the
phase out stage but its still being sold all over the place here for


In fact I got it for $10 a few months ago - rebate sale.

Im using some 5.1 Logitechs on my main system though cause surround
sound makes a huge difference with some games. I might upgrade the sat
drivers though.

I noticed COMPUSA is selling their own branded satellites 20 bucks for
two with those alum full range drivers in it. I figure its got to be
to better than the paper cone full range drivers Logitech used to use
and which are in my 5.1 system.

Re: Speakers equivalent to Creative Labs Inspire 2.1 T3000?

John@Smith.com wrote:
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Thanks. I just done some research and found out about the Logitech
X-230 and decided to order it. Since I thought nobody had replied to
this post, I just came here to delete it, only there was your post :)

Well, thank you for confirming my choice anyways :)

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