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Can you please make some suggestions regarding speakers ? Budget is
around $200 US. The speakers will be used mainly for music, but also
for some gaming.

Since listening tests and personal experience are much more meaningful
than dry technical specs, it will be very helpful to hear your inputs
based on them. If there's a more appropriate NG, please let me know.

Re: Speaker recommendations

On 13 Jan 2006 23:15:07 -0800, pjdd@rediffmail.com wrote:

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How much space is available?
Do they "need" to include an amp for that budget?

Your best bet is to not buy computer speakers at all, rather
shielded (presuming they are placed in the vicinity of a
monitor?) bookshelf speakers.  Something like Athena AS-B1
(w/ separate sub) or at least moving up to >=6" woofers w/o
a sub like AS-B2, or better 8".  

The problem with typical computer speakers is horrible
midrange, which is fairly crucial for music.  They'll give
you tinny treble, and lots of muddy bass but the accuracy of
the sound is horrible.  Now, it could be that your personal
preference is for a colored and un-reference-like, unflat
response and if that is the case then you are going to be a
hard consumer to recommend for as your particular taste is
going to matter the most and you would then have to actually
hear any candidates to make the best choice.

With separates, amp also depends on available space.  You
also have to decide which is more important, gaming or
music, since the music greatly benefits from good bookshelf
speakers but some gamers want at least 4.0 if not more
channels... though, the rear two channels are far less
crucial quality-wise, you could even pick up a cheap pair of
bookshelf KLH or other generic speakers at your local
discount superstore for ~ $25 USD the next time they go on
sale... but then if you need 4+ channel amp you are more
limited for the budget.

Considering the above and the gaming, the most cost
effective target might be an almost median quality surround
computer speaker set ($100 or so) then putting the other
$100 towards 2 L & R channel bookshelf speakers (such as the
Athenas mentioned above or audition a few at your local
stores)  then just discard the computer set's front L & R
satellites in favor of using the bookshelves for thos
positions.  That's just my opinion though, for $200 I'd take
good response over a lot of bass thump... if you want mostly
bass then put the $200 towards a computer set with the
biggest sub + most RMS watts... something I can't best
advise on.

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