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Lightning zapped an Asus A7N266-VM based PC, and I've elected to re-gut
it with Gigabyte G41M-ES2L.  The Asus board game with an SPDIF output
that was fastened into a PCI slot on the case, and plugged into a header
on the board:

          | 1 |  +5V
          | x |
          | 3 |  SPDIFOUT
          | 4 |  GND

The new board, the G41M-ES2L, has a SPDIF I/O header:

Power  | 1 | x |
SPDIF  | 3 | 4 |  SPDIFI
   GND  | 5 | 6 |  GND

The ports are mounted on a small circuit board with a few components.  I
should be able to reuse this bit by reconfiguring my connector, right?

      +5V <=> Power
      GND <=> GND (pin 5)


Grinder wrote:
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That sounds like it should work. The SPDIF signal is probably
an SPDIF_OUT, as the other one has been identified as an

The reason for having power available on the connector, is
for adapter boards that has TOSLINK modules on them. The transmit
and receive optics modules would need a source of power, to convert to
TOSLINK light format.

In terms of signal standards, there are two different standards.

An SPDIF signal intended to drive copper right away, is a relatively
low amplitude. Some audiophile equipment, would have a true SPDIF
signal on any connector located on the equipment.

Your 2x3 header, on the other hand, has logic level signals on it.
So you can't just connect your stereo receiver directly to those
pins. The adapter should be used with it.

On my Asus adapter module, there are two outputs driven by SPDIF_OUT.
The RCA connector for connecting a coax cable, consists of a voltage divider
(designed to match the coax impedance), plus a coupling capacitor. That
shrinks the signal to the right amplitude for the coax. The SPDIF_OUT
logic signal, is also sent to a TOSLINK transmitter. The logic signal
would be used inside the transmitter, to turn the LED in there on and
off. The module needs +5V in that case, to power the TOSLINK module.

I don't expect you'll have a problem, but thought I should throw in
those comments so you have some idea what is on the adapter.

On my Asus adapter module, the cable is removable. I took a look at
it, and pin 2 is "blocked" by something jammed in the hole. You may have
a bit of a challenge moving the one pin and wire over, to convert
it to a 1x3 pinout.



On 5/15/2010 7:27 PM, Paul wrote:
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Yeah, I looked through my junk pile hoping to find a 2x3 header block so
that I could use that block to make a polarized plug, but it looks like
all I have is 1x2 and the 1x4 that came with the adapter.

Moving it over was no biggie, so I shaved one of the sockets off to make
a 1x3.  The intended user probably won't even hook speakers up to the
analog out on this board, much less SPDIF.

Thanks for the notes of interest.

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