Source for Motherboard Capacitors

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 Any good USA sources for mobo voltage regulator caps?

Just need one cap for a Biostar TForce6100 which has a cap knocked over,
showing leaked and dried electrolyte.
This is a 1500 uF 16V 105c low esr capacitor, KZG brand. I only have a few
of the 6.3v versions used on older boards. Appreciate any suggestions,

Dave H.

Re: Source for Motherboard Capacitors

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Maybe ask on this site ? /

I took a look on a few electronics retail sites recently, and
cap stock was pretty spotty. If you want a specific thing, it
may be hard to find. Especially if a series of caps
has been superceded by something else.


Re: Source for Motherboard Capacitors

On Fri, 21 Jul 2006 14:16:35 -0400, "Dave H."

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Modern boards may have lower voltage and  higher
current/ripple, it is best to not use older generations of
caps if they're a higher ESR (I mean relatively, even if
still called low-ESR caps) originally but then also degraded
by aging.

One option is at Digikey, Panasonic FM series.

Another is Mouser, Nichicon UHE,

The individual part numbers were suggested based on the
assumption that the present cap has 10mm diameter.

Note the diameter of the original, get the replacement in
same diameter and the tallest in that Panasonic FM line.
Original was probably 10mm dia. x 20mm tall, maybe 25mm
tall.  Check it to be sure.  

The replacement might be higher or lower mfd value but that
is not important.  What I mean is, get the tallest available
unless there is some height limitation where it is on the
board, and that tallest available will tend to be 20 or 25mm
in the 10mm diameter caps.  Rarely 30mm tall but it's not

Re: Source for Motherboard Capacitors

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Thanks your your help. Looks like Mouser and Digikey are the places to go. I
need enough odds-n-end to make up a good order. I've been opening up dozens
of old switching power supplies here, but decided against trusting an old
cap with an expensive cpu.

Dave H.

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