sound problem! please help if poss

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I'm running a soundblaser audigy ZS with an ATI Radeon all in Wonder
graphics card.  The graphics card has a direct line out input for the sound
card for the TV, Radio featues etc.  the problem I have is that when the TV
programme is active I get a static type pop every 20 seconds or so - it
doesn't happen on any other feature.  I  have tried moving the sound card
away from the graphics card and also tried the card to card internal cable
into the aux slot but it doesn't make any difference.  Also when line in is
active inthe mixer I can often hear scrolling as a slight electrical buzz.
Any help with this would be wonderful



Re: sound problem! please help if poss

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Sounds like a typical Creative soundcard issue. Do you still get the pops
when listening to another source via the line input? (connect the jack on
your CDRom drive to line in and Mute the CD-IN on your control panel).

You might be able to fix the problem by changing the PCI Latency setting in
your BIOS settings, if you have that option.

Also might want to try another outlet in the house for your PC/Speakers -
you might have bad grounding.

Re: sound problem! please help if poss

I have connected the cd through the line in input and no static popping
noise occurs.  I also tried a pair of high qaulity headphones and in tv mode
it still pops so it's not the speakers.  I have the option alter the latency
in the bios - what would you recommend I try changing it to?

This problem only occurs when the tv is active - and the slight buzz on
scrolling etc only occurs when the line in is active in the mixer.
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Re: sound problem! please help if poss

For the BIOS setting, I'd just adjust it up or down one setting from what it
is... I believe (but could be wrong) that the default for this is 64..

It really sounds like you've got a bad TV card at this point, or poor
power/ground someplace. If you can connect the TV card directly to a set of
speakers that would help identify that it was the issue.

At this point I'd be trying the system on another electrical outlet or
possibly swapping the power supply for a different wattage and manufacturer.

BTW, do you have onboard sound on your mainboard? Is it connected to

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Re: sound problem! please help if poss

On Wed, 27 Jul 2005 01:01:04 GMT, "Steph"

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If you have headphones, plug them directly into the ATI
card's audio-out.  If not headphones, speakers direct to the
ATI card.  Come to think of it, that might be a pin-header
cable instead of a stereo mini jack?  If so then I guess it
won't work unless you happen to have an adapter or are handy
at making such things (which is relatively trivial if you
had the correct plug that fits in it and a spare stereo mini

You might reduce the buzz some by muting all unused audio
inputs.  Sometimes it helps and others not, and sometimes
not enough.  The buzzing is probably noisey power so if you
had a spare power supply you could try that but the card
itself "should've" been designed to handle any reasonable
(read: operational system) noise level so it may be that you
need another card.  You could also try different audio
drivers and mixer settings.

Re: sound problem! please help if poss

There isn't an audio socket of any description on the card - just this hard
wired 3.5 m jack.  I have tried muting everything else in the mixer and it
makes no difference - I have reinstalled fresh from a format and still no
difference - it's really annoying and quite loud.  the strange this is that
it doesn't pop when I'm using the radio feature - and the radio and tv
feature are linked in some way.  The system is a new one I had a friend
build - has extra quiet supply and fans etc.  it woudl seem to make sense if
this problem happened on every feature.

any other ideas?


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Re: sound problem! please help if poss

On Wed, 27 Jul 2005 13:01:09 GMT, "Steph"

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The power comment was about the buzzing, not the pop.  That
is definitely a power related problem.  By power "noise" I
don't mean audible fan/etc noise, I meant switching
electrical noise or ripple intruduced on the motherboard
from other component's power consumption changes.

The issue may not be how the radio and tv are "linked",
rather the card's ability to deal with incoming noise.  IE-
your TV input may have noise the card isn't rejecting.
If you have it hooked up to cable, try attacking an aerial
antenna instead (only to test it), seeing if any pops
remain.  Another option would be to use the (S-Video?)
capture input to capture video (from *anything* that can
provide that signal), again rechecking for persistence of

Re: sound problem! please help if poss

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I have exactly the same problem, but without the graphics card complication.
I have put a lot of time and effort into cooling and my PC is now silent. As
a result, if I don't mute the line-in port on my sound card, I hear mouse
movement as a buzzing/interference noise. I have a SonicFury SantaCruz sound
card - one of the best 5.1 cards available at the time. So although its
useless information to you - the problem is probably the line-in port on the
sound card. I posted a question about this a year or 2 ago, but nobody could
fix it - I will be watching to see if anyone can help!

Re: sound problem! please help if poss

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You could try screening between the two cards. Cut two pieces of thin
cardboard, large enough to cover the area between the PCI boards. Then tape
a sheet of ali foil between them. Make sure all edges are taped.

Re: sound problem! please help if poss

Fixed finally!  thanks guys for all the suggestions - tried everything and
nothing worked :(  In the end i had to ring canada - cost a fortune - a went
through a whole ton of changes plus some upgrading - they have just
developed a patch that obviates the need for a physical connection between
the two cards which has no stopped the problem - it was definitely something
to do with the cards being linked.

thanks again everyone.
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