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Dear sir,

Is there a sound card that have both speaker and headphone outputs, and
when the headphone is inserted, the sound from speaker is cut off?

Thanks in advance.


Re: sound card

If it has a front panel audio connection it will. But you will have to have
a front panel audio device. Mine came with my computer case.


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Re: sound card

On 27 Jul 2006 20:30:31 -0700, wrote:

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Dont know about the card. The main reason I wouldnt want it that way
is inserting a headphone jack in back of the PC is a hassle each time.
What they have are speakers that do that. My Logitech 5.1s which I got
for $30 a while ago --- have a headphone jack in the center speaker
module. When you insert the headphone jack in the sound cuts off.

Same thing with some Creatives I got for my 3rd system. It has a
control module thats connected by wire. I like this feature. It has a
volume control thats connected to the speaker and a jack for

Re: sound card

On 27 Jul 2006 20:30:31 -0700,

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Only when a remotely mounted jack (switching type) is
connected to the sound card FP output pin header, if it has

Online pictures or specs should easily identify whether it
has the pin header, as it would have to have jumpers on some
pins when it isn't connected to an aux jack.  Of course the
product documentation should also mention it.

Re: sound card wrote:

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Some PCI sound cards, come with an option for a drive bay
I/O device. You can plug your headphones into the drive
bay. An earlier version of the Audigy had something like
this as well. The sound card itself still has the
connectors for your speakers on it, so this drive bay
device is in addition to the connectors on the PCI card


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