Sony pcv-w500gn1 loud cpu no screen

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ok I have a sony pcv-w500gn1 and when i press the start button the
screen stays off. how ever my cpu fan keeps on getting louder and
louder and then it stays loud until i turn off manualy. It doesn't
beep or anything just starts out with quite cpu fan then u can hear it
like a plane or something starts getting loud. HELP
!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! please  :crybaby:

Re: Sony pcv-w500gn1 loud cpu no screen

On Mon, 14 May 2007 03:02:06 -0000, no@spam.invalid
(technoboy) wrote:

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Yeah, since your system isn't booting to the operation
system, there is no ACPI-Halt power managed state so the CPU
is running at higher heat than it might otherwise, so the
thermal sensor kicks up the fan speed.

Either that, or your fan is dying.  Watch it to see if it
spins faster, slower or same speed as noise goes up.  Slower
or same would be a dying fan.

What's the history of the system?  What's it like?

Details = good start to a thread

You might check the PSU and battery voltages with a
multimeter.  Unplug PSU from AC for a few minutes and retry
it.  Clear CMOS if all else fails, and check the board for
vented caps.  Maybe none of this applies, we don't have any
background info on the system.

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