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I just bought a new PC (Windows XP Home with Media) and every time my
kids go on-line and play games, something gets screwed.

1. Multi-Media keys on my keyboard stopped working, I performed "system
restore" and the problem got fixed.

2. When I go to "My Documents" and try to create a new folder or paste
a folder or rename a folder, I can not see it until I close "My
Documents" and then come back again. Very annoying. I ran Spybot,
Ad-aware, McCafee Anty-virus, WebRoot Spysweeper - nothing helped.

Can anybody help?

Thanks, Boy.

Re: something is wrong

Hi Boy, firstly you want to make sure you've got the following
1) An up to date virus checker
2) A firewall (even windows firewall will do)
3) and finally and prob most importantly you must have SP2 (service
pack 2) installed.

The reason i say this is that I've lost count of the number of pc's
I've seen totalled because of the security holes in the earlier
versions of windows and people not running firewalls.

Sorry if these seem an insult to your intelligence but it's worth
stating these things first.

Secondly I would suggest running msconfig (click start -> run -> type
msconfig), on the last tab named start up is a list of everything that
starts when your pc does (pretty much). Check for anything that looks
dodgy (entries with no names etc). I've gotta say here tho that
unchecking stuff there can be risky, if you uncheck the wrong things
some applications may not fucntion correctly/at all so just go easy :0)

Hope this helps, let me know how you get on.


Re: something is wrong

On 15 May 2006 07:15:19 -0700, wrote:

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A new pre-configured PC tends to have a lot of crap
installed, you might weed through it all and uninstall the
stuff that isn't necessary.  Much of this low cost (to
builder) stuff may be buggy and just bloat that slows down
the system.

If all else fails the surest way to go is to wipe the HDD
and do a clean install of only windows plus essential stuff.
you might do some basic tests though like PSU voltage,
system temps, antivirus scans, spyware scans, HDD scans,
memtest86+...  Lots of minor things can be wrong with a new

Re: something is wrong wrote:
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...give the kids their own user accounts with limited privileges.
Password protect all accounts and you hold the password privilege. Be
sure to have your antivirus, malware, and firewall installed for "All
Users".  Buy a cheap NAT router to help with keeping your computer
isolated from the internet, and then lock it down so no one can DMZ
their user account.

In other words, put both the computer itself and the user accounts in
their individual secure boxes.

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