Something gone wrong!! :mad:

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:mad: Well to add on my computer that regualary has a 40 gig. hard
drive I decided to upgrade to a 100 gig. Hard drive. The regular 40
gig hard drive is an IDE and the 100 gig is a SATA. I put the SATA
hard drive in (im pretty sure like I should have) and I boot my
computer up. After the screen that said "Press Delete for
bios" a message came up saying:

"MediaShield IDE ROM BIOS 5.50
Copyright 2005 NVIDIA Corp.

Detecting array ...

I was like WTF? So I rebooted the computer and tried to go into bios
but it wouldnt do anything and just went to that message again.

So after a few tries I decided to unplug the new hard drive to see if
I could get into the bios but that same message came up. Ive made
sure everything was plugged in and it is. Can anyone help me?

Re: Something gone wrong!! :mad:

Anyone? Please Guys I need help very bad.

Re: Something gone wrong!! :mad:

On Tue, 07 Feb 2006 20:30:43 GMT, no@spam.invalid (JRauck)

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Maybe you didn't hit <DEL> soon enough?
That message is to be expected, your SATA is a raid-capable
controller.  Is there a key you can press to get into the
raid bios?  If you don't see one, just wait, if the system
bios works properly it'll be done soon enough and the OS
should boot.

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Help you do what?
There's nothing wrong, as far as I can tell from what you

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