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I have a Thinkpad 600E and want to upgrade it's memory.
Currently i have the on-board 32MBs and two PC100 64MB SODIMMs = 160MBs
total memory.
I understand that my Thinkpad will only work with single-density memory.

I have a chance to buy one or two PC133 SODIMMs each 128MBs.
The seller tells me that each 128MB SODIMM has a total of eight chips - four
on each side.
A single-density 256MB SODIMM will have sixteen chips in total so does that
scale down and mean that a 128MB module with eight chips is going to be

The seller has given me the SODIMMs part numbers and i've tried Googling on
them to determine whether one or both are single-density. A search on the
part numbers gives endless results with no way to sort through and find a
page which may give me the required information.

The details that the seller has given me are:
128 MB Sync 133Mhz CL3
One module is a Hynix and the other a Hyundai.

What do people think?
Are these PC133 128MB modules likely to work in my Thinkpad 600E?



Re: SODIMM compatibility

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I use the term Low or High Density RAM.
The one you about to acquire is consider as Low Density RAM since it
is having 16mbit per chip.
Older system need low density RAM...
But anyway since your system is notebook, you can always bring it over
to the vendor to install it. Pay the RAM if it is working.


Re: SODIMM compatibility

Check Crucial out. There have been many reports
of PC133 not working in PC100 slots in laptops. The
potential problem seems to be the required CL=2
for the 100's, a spec the CL=3 133's may not handle well.
I realize in desktops using 133 instead of 100 is very
common, but does not seem to be the case in laptops.
I'd be very careful and buy it only if I could
return same if it doesn't perform well.

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Re: SODIMM compatibility

Thanks for the advice.
(I hadn't even considered CAS latency).
Aida32 shows my present Thinkpad modules to be running CAS2.

I'll forget about the PC133s and find some compatible PC100 modules.



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Re: SODIMM compatibility

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There have been a lot available on eBay including used IBM OEM modules.
The going price has ranged from $35.00 USD to $90.00 USD for various

There is one seller who has been advertising brand new Micron 256MB
SODIMMs for $49.99/$59.99 "Buy It Now".



These are Micron branded not Crucial. I bought one the other day and it
tested out perfect.


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