Socket 478 vs 478B

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I was looking to see what the difference was between Socket 478 and 478

Not sure if this is the right folder for the question, or not but, hey
it's worth a shot.

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Re: Socket 478 vs 478B

On Jan 19, 6:59 pm, playstation60
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Yep, I can see that your inundated with frantic replies. :-(

Re: Socket 478 vs 478B

playstation60 wrote:
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There are a bunch of things mentioned here, that are similar to S478.
In cases I've checked in the past, there will be a couple "keying" pins
that have a different placement, to prevent a user from plugging at
least some of the wrong devices, into a particular socket.

I would expect the essence of the connectivity to be the same. 64 bit
wide, quad pumped bus. A certain ratio of power/ground to signal pins
and so on. That is why they all happen to have 478 pins. With a mobile
device, maybe a signal or two different, for changing power states.

But for more specifics, the best plan is to download processor datasheets
for the processors in question. Compare the pinout of a Pentium 4 to a
Pentium M and so on, to see how they all work. I think the info is
available if you want to do the research, as thankfully, Intel is a
very open company for that kind of tech info. The processor datasheet
will always have pinout information in it, a diagram with the signal
names labeled etc. You can start at and
look for a URL on a specific processor description, for a pointer to
where the datasheet may be hiding. For some of the older tech, it'll
take a bit more searching to find the datasheet (still there, just
hidden by virtue of not being promoted as much).

The LGA775 package, is in fact quite similar to S478. The difference
on that one, is there are way more power/ground contacts added. Intel
was planning on supporting much higher power dissipations, just before
someone realized the need to improve the basic technology :-)
(I.e. Intel comes out of snooze mode.)


Re: Socket 478 vs 478B

Have a look at this 'thread' ( ) from
another forum it 'should' answer your question, there's some 'more info
here' ( ).. the b
may stand for the Brookdale chipset.


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