slow hard drive

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I recently ghosted an old hard drive to a second, faster hard drive. there
was some data on the new hard drive so I created another partition the size
of the old drive on the new drive. the drive letter C was still assigned to
the old drive so I tried to change the drive letters with Norton
PartitionMagic, then rebooted. I do not believe this worked and I might have
had some type of error message. I do not remember all the details because
this happened a long time ago. I believe at one point I checked Local drives
in Computer Management and the C drive showed Page file. Eventually I was
able to change the drive letters in the windows registry. However, now the
drive runs very slow. in CliBench the Read avg is 22688 kB/sec and the Write
avg is 10974 kB/sec. What could be the problem?

Thank you.

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