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I have a problem with booting on my pc, it keeps checking the 3 cd/dvd
drives that I have installed over and over again, maybe 50 times or more
before going to the post screen, if i remove the power plugs on the cd
drives the bootup is still 15 minutes or more to show the post screen. I am
running win xp pro, system has been fine until now, once it goes past the
post screen everything is fine.


ECS KS75A Mobo
Athlon Barton xp 2500
1 gig ram
adaptec sata controller
WD raptor (systerm)
WD Sata 250g JBOD
WD Eide ( Pri Master)
Lite on CD burner (Pri Slave)
Pioneer A05 DVD burner (Sec Master)
Lite DVD reader (Sec Slave)
Audigy 2 Soundcard

Thanks in advance.


Re: slow boot problem

On Mon, 15 May 2006 22:30:49 GMT, "David Barnsley"

Quoted text here. Click to load it

K7S5A, not KS75A?

Many of the former (particularly earlier revions instead of
the "pro" (Or whatever the last version was) had several
problems including serious bios bugs, capacitors that were
prone to failure, and instabilities running mulitple memory
modules (especially PC133 instead of DDR).

If it were a new build I might suggest trying a newer bios,
but at this point I'd open the case and inspect the larger
capacitors around the CPU socket, to the left of it

Unplug all drives (including from the data cable) and re-add
them back one at a time.  Might be one is failing.

What's your power supply like?  

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