[slightly OT] adapt iPod to play MP3 in car ...

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Hi all,

I've heard it is possible having the iPod output to the
car speakers, and wanted to know if anyone has done
it and what components are needed and if possible some
hints ... the way of connecting the iPod to output to an
FM frequency is it good quality?

First thing I need is the iPod and then?

Thanks in advance,
Best Regards,

Re: [slightly OT] adapt iPod to play MP3 in car ...

Transmitters are made that will broadcast the ipod's signal within a 10 foot
radius to a radio and that will broadcast sometimes reasonably well, if one
can find an unused frequency. It's not the best way to go if you are located
in a busy city because most of the frequencies are taken and many of the
stations can overpower the transmitter you may be using. Much better is to
use one of the cassette adaptors that will plug into the cassette player of
the car stereo and the other end into the ipod. Not only are the adapters
cheaper they do the job much better for sound quality and no bleed through
of other radio channels.

Jan Alter
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