skt 754 semprons

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do skt 754 semprons work on all skt 754 boards?

or will they require a bios flash or something to get them to work?

likewise with all old socket A boards, will semprons work on them without a
bios flash?



Re: skt 754 semprons

On Sat, 26 Mar 2005 11:37:07 -0000, "Christo"

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Theoretically they should but some may need a flash. You really need
to look into a particular board for that info.

Toms Hardware says this about the socket A :

The Socket A Sempron can be considered an easy deal for upgrades, as
it will immediately run on all motherboards capable of running at

The only difference is if the bios isnt updated it wont say Semperon
etc and just id it as a athlon XP.

The wild card here is I emailed Abit just to make sure about my KT333
oldie board my 2nd PC and they claimed flat out it wont work.  What
they mean by that I dont know. Maybe they mean it doesnt have an
update to show semperon but that it will work. The best thing to do is
go to the mainboard group and ask someone who has done it or tried it
and didnt get it to work. Theyll have the best info. Thats another
reason to get a reasonably well known make of board.

Re: skt 754 semprons

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Thanks man i have been looking at a Gigabyte GA-K8NS (socket 754)

been to their site and checked it apparantly works good with the sempron
3100+ which is what im looking at

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