six-sided star screw

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I have an old broken hard drive, and I'd like to look inside.

It has some kind of six-sided star screw.  Anyone know a good place to
get a screwdriver for this and if there's a name for it?


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I've reported you to the RSPCPPHDBPI

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Likely a Torx. Readily available in any operation that has decent tools.

Re: six-sided star screw

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Since the drive is broken and since you will break it further by
opening it, why not just drill out the screw heads?  Use a bit that's
the size of the head and drill out until the head is gone leaving just
the shaft inside the hold.  It's probably a Torx head but pretty tiny
so you probably won't be able to find a Torx screwdriver with a tip
that small.  With a dead drive, you're not going to see much of
anything magical inside.  If you want to see the magic, you need a
working drive with a see-through case, like the WD Raptor X.

After a minute, you'll get bored with watching the drive in action.

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Probably a Torx screw; most drives I've worked with (and just about all
that I've taken apart used them.  Without looking at the drive I can't
say what sizes you'll need, but numerous supply houses and computer
parts stores stock kits.

Note that there are two types of Torx screws: normal and "anti-tamper".
I've not seen any drives that use anti-tamper screws so there's probably
no need to bother with getting anti-tamper Torx screwdrivers.  (The
anti-tamper design puts a pin in the center of the screw head, so
standard drives - with a solid core - won't go in.  Anti-tamper
screwdrivers have a hollow core into which the pin fits.)

Joe Morris

Re: six-sided star screw wrote:
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Torx. Probably a t-7 or t-8.

Any hardware store will have them. Just bring in the drive and say, "I
want the screwdriver for THESE screws."

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