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hi...I have a very noisy pc. It's a olidata pentium 4. I 've seen that the
cause of this noise is the fan. But the fan is a very good cooler master.
I tried also with an other fan but the noise is the same. What is the
better mode to have a silent pc? Is it right to change the fan?
I've seen that the minimum measure of noise is 17 db. Is it good? Have you
any other idea?

Re: silent pc

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In order to have valuable noise figures, you should also know the distance
between measurement device and noise source, which differs from manufacturer
to manufacturer and from review to review. 17 dB should be excellent if it's
taken at 1 m, for example. Note that a difference of 10 dB means the sound
is subjectively heard as twice the amplitude.
Need for an efficient and silent cooler? Go for Zalman, for example
CNPS7700-Cu. But there are many other excellent models at various prices,
dimensions and cooler materials (Cu, Al, Cu-Al)

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On Tue, 26 Dec 2006 08:49:35 +0000, ElJerid wrote:

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thanks you.....I'm asking too if exists a system to control the fun through
the software or bios, so that if I use low cpu , the fan could reduce the
speed. This could to be a better mode to reduce the noise. What do you
think about?

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Luca Stancapiano wrote:
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If your motherboard has the circuit to control the fan,
this software can control it while in Windows.

    Supported sensors.

    Supported motherboards.

If your motherboard has no fan controls at all,
you can buy one of these products. This connects
via a USB port, and a program runs on the PC to
set the fan speed automatically.

M-cubed T-Balancer fan controller


Re: silent pc

Some time it is caused by vibration, try to feel the heatsink to check
if it vibrates / shaking.
For most cases, a good fan should always running very quitely.

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Re: silent pc

Luca Stancapiano wrote:
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you may consider this fan. It has a temperature controller
Thermaltake Polo 735 rev 2 A2144

It covers socket 478 P4. ANd socket 775 p4. Which I think are the only
possible sockets for p4.

There are fanless cpu heatsinks. Or cpu heatsinks with large heatsink
portions allowing fans to spin at lower speeds.

Zalman make such things, but I found them (both the 80mm and the 120mm)
too large, specifically too wide/fat - to fit in my case. . not enough
space to fit them in because the CPU socket was too close to the PSU.
Another company make fanless heatsink (seee quietpc website), I found
it too large, specifically, too tall this time. I couldn't fit the side
of the case on.

I have my comp moved far away from me with a kvm extender. Sometimes
Other comps too on there with a kvm switch. If I ever get new cases
i'll persue such fanless components.

Most people find the power supply to be noisier than the cpu fan. Once
they get a quieter power supply, they hear the cpu fan. Nevertheless,
ther may be cases of a cpu fan that is noisier than the power supply
fan. Perhaps that is more common nowadays. And maybe p4 prescotts
produce such heat that they cause fans to make more noise cooling them.

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