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4% in...prolly will take another 96 minutes at this rate...formating
400 gig HDs quals teh uber slow boy lemme tell ya.  In other news my
new SATA controller is quite nice...hrmmm...are there limits on how
many SATA controllers you can have?  Like the one I got is for SATA1
drives but at some point I'd probably like to get a SATA2 controller
(3 gig trans instead of 1.5)...although I guess you can probably use
1.5 drives on teh 3, backwards compatible and all like that...of
course if I had two cards I could put like EIGHT SATA drives in, in
addition to my 4 IDE drives...runnin out of power connectors
though...and space to house the lil bastards...might need to put in a
second power supply...might need to get a new case.

"...we...may...have...to blast."


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Re: *sigh* ...this takes too long

Onideus Mad Hatter wrote:
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  In other news my
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Limited only by availiable PCI slots, and room in the case.

  Like the one I got is for SATA1
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