Shuttle Power Supply Replacement Plz !!

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Hi there !
I'm new on this group ... and not quite familiar with it just yet !!

I own a SHUTTLE XPC  SK41G and a shuttle SB61G2  ...

I need a replacement PSU (Power Supply)  for my ENP-2320 (ENHANCE -
BRAND) 200W, part .... this is for the SK41G.

But just by curiosity, what would be a replacement for the SB61G2 ?
(just in case the PSU fails in it, someday !). :mad:

PLZ help !!   :D

I'm in Québec city, Canada.

Re: Shuttle Power Supply Replacement Plz !!

Hi, welcome to the group.

Take a peep here 'Shuttle PSU'
( ) and here's
one in Canada 'Shuttle replacement power supply.'
( ) A Google should
bring more results, although yours is a 200Watt one there is no harm in
fitting say a 300Watt version in.... it's the machine what determines
the power consumption, the power supply just has to supply it, the
bigger version would be idling along while the 200Watter will be huffing
and puffing kinda thing.

The only consideration is the power line input voltage for your


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