Sharp PC-RD10 cooler fan

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I have been going crazy trying to locate a fan for a Sharp notebook.
It is a small DC5V ROUND fan with 3 wires.  The problem seems to be
that it is round.  There are plenty of square fans.  This fan needs to
fit into the cpu cooling assembly.  It ceased due to excessive dust.
Original fan was manufactured by SEI.

Re: Sharp PC-RD10 cooler fan

On 12 Jun 2006 09:46:25 -0700, wrote:

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How does it mount?  Although it is round, is it possible a
square one would fit, if the round one had the same mounting
hole locations that correspond to a square fan?

Even this info may not be enough.  Notebook fans can be
quite proprietary in shape and if you are lucky and yours
isn't "as" rare as some, finding an alternate source from
someone here could depend a lot on our knowing exactly what
you have.  If you posted a picture elsewhere and linked it
here that might help (or it might not, luck of the draw
whether anyone has come across something similar).  It might
also help to post the measurements of this fan, particularly
diameter and thickness, if not including a ruler in the
picture of the fan, too, for scale.

You might also Google search for the fan model number, or a
more generic search for laptop parts sellers might be
something like "Sharp laptop fan replacement parts" although
some places seem to want so much $ for a fan you'd think
they had to make it by hand.

Re: Sharp PC-RD10 cooler fan wrote:
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If you're ambitious, and if you REALLY can't find a replacement fan,
you might to be able to put a new fan in the old mount. I faced this
problem with a thermaltake cooler tower, that some idiot stuck a pencil
into whilst the fans were running and broke most of the blades. I was
able to epoxy a new fan onto the old special propriatary base. I
clipped the plastic spokes that were supporting the square part of the
fan housing, leaving a round disk that was then epoxied onto the old
base. The old motor ( from the bad fan) had to be carfully pried out.

You'll have to study your situation, and exhaust other alternatives

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