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I have an old Pentium II PC that I would like to utilize on a network
for storage (2 HD's) but I don't know how to get the network to see the

I was told that there was a way to go through the Control Panel -
Adminstrative Tools, but I haven't been able to get a handle on that yet.

If you have any links that you can point me to I would appreciate it!



Re: Sharing Drives

=.RLM.= wrote:
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 Providing you have your LAN properly setup you will need to 'Share' folders
or drives at their 'Properties' . You could post on a networking group or
Google for what you need if you are looking for complete network


Re: Sharing Drives

On Sun, 02 Oct 2005 17:17:56 -0500, "=.RLM.="

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Is it running windows?

Which version of windows?

Generally in windows one would go into My Computer,
right-click on each drive volume to access the Properties,
and choose "Sharing".  The Sharing settings should be
obvious enough.

If there are settings for sharing, go into Control Panel ->
Network and in the Networking window, Add the Service "File
and Printer sharing for Microsoft Networks".  This may
differ slightly for the different versions of windows, would
most directly apply to Win98 (maybe WinME too).  If that
isn't enough to get the job done then supply more specific
details of your operating system... presuming the rest of
the network is set up properly- that only filesharing isn't

However, if this old box is going to be a dedicated
fileserver, with long uptimes, Win2k might be a better OS
for the job.  If you know your way around linux and samba,
that'd work too.  Win9x will work, but being inherantly a
little less stable, and without support of files > 4GB with
NTFS filesystem, there are limits to them that you may or
may not find problematic.  IIRC, there was also some kind of
bug effecting WIn9x where over 47 consecutive days of uptime
might cause a crash but there was a patch to address that.

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