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Greetings Experts,

I have bought a Samsung NetBook and am now setting it up in a network
with the old AL440LX box = Box2. Both computers are on the Internet
but they are in separate rooms and they don't recognize one another
although they are connected via cable with a router. A D-Link DSL modem
connects both to the Internet. I have no interest in wireless.

The NetBook is near where the phone service enters the house and that's
where the DSL modem is located. It is connected to the NetBook via a USB
cable. I am having trouble with the Windows 7 (cut down, of course) on
the NetBook. I had no experience of this OS before and I had reached the
point with the NetBook of inputting the requested "8-digit pin from the
router" but I found that it (the router) had 4 letters and 5 numbers. It
refused to accept the letters.

The router is also a D-Link and it is near Box2 and connected to it with
an Ethernet cable.

I tried to setup a Workgroup with one user on the NetBook and I noticed
that it already had the username JD-PC setup for me (I hope) and a group
called the Workgroup. In Control Panel | System Properties of Win2K I
setup Workgroup and the computer name Box2. JD is already registered as
an admin in Box2.

I guess I can't get a connection unless the letters on the modem turn
into numbers. Anyone have that magic touch?


Have a great week :-)

Re: Setting up a LAN

JD wrote:
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I guess I'd probably start with something simple, like "ping".

At least get the IP addresses from each computer, to understand
what's happening with respect to the router.

For example, in a Command Prompt window, I could try "ipconfig"
to get the IP address of that computer. Knowing both IP addresses,
I could use the ping command, with the address of the other computer
as the passed parameter.


Also, for monitoring within each PC, you can use a program like
Wireshark (or any other promiscuous receiver program that can
sniff packets).

The System Requirements (i.e. OS version) is listed here. Perhaps the
older Ethereal package is available for older OSes. I don't know if I
have any copies of it around here now.

Staring at workgroups and the like, is for after you've determined
the boxes can actually see one another. For example, some protocols
may be stopped by any Firewalls you're using (Windows Firewall). When
I wanted to turn on Simple File Sharing here, I noticed that WinXP
reconfigured the firewall, presumably to punch holes for the appropriate
port numbers. Microsoft added a pronounced delay, for dramatic effect :-)
I would have expected adding a couple rules to a Firewall, to take
a fraction of a second.


Re: Setting up a LAN

Paul wrote:
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Thanks again Paul.

Curiously I have very rarely had problems with
firewalls when I setup OSs
and I have done that dozens of times. I have
mostly used Zone Alarm and
Kerio Personal.

I have the system set up on my main computer and I
still have work
on the NetBook. There is a very clear and helpful
manual available at
I suggest you download a copy and I believe you
will like it.
It goes very nicely through the , etc.

I dislike Windows 7 and want to install my Win2K
as soon as possible.  The drive on the NetBook is
divided into C: and D: and Windows 7 (stripped
somewhat) is on C:. I'll leave it like that for
the moment. This is going to be a bit of trouble.
I have Win2K on a CD and I don't have an
independent CD-Player. I'm thinking of copying the
CD to a hard drive, putting that into an external
drive, and copying from there to the D: drive.
Finally, installing it with the updates.

It would be much easier, if I could hitch the
NetBook directly to my computer and copy
the CD from my computer straight to the NetBook D:
drive. I think that would call for a special cable.

More soon :-)

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