Serial port with perl on win32

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Hi All!

I'm reverse engineering some serial port protocol for a measurement
instrument. I was quiet successful by using a port sniffer and by
mirroring the found requests using perl on win32. I've used the Win32
SerialPort module.
I've got two questions:

1. How do I unset the RTS & DTS flags for serial communication (this
has more to do with the serial port i guess but i didn't find a way to
do it using the SerialPort module. It is also maybe related to next

2. Compared to the software delivered with the instrument, my routine
is quiet slow. I get the correct list of points but with an average
time factor increase of 20! What can I set in the serial port comm to
speed this up?

If you think I should post my [very probably not optimized] code, just
let me know...

Thanks in advance,


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