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I have two Seagate serial ATA disk drives(SATA 300).  But the cables are
serial ATA 150.  Would there be any performance improvement if I changed
the cables to SATA300?


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Not that you would notice. The drives will only manage 60-70MB/s transfer
speed so moving from 150 max to 300 max won't make any difference. The peak
transfer rate will have a higher limit, but in reality you won't notice it
being used. If your drives have NCQ, you might see a slight performance
increase*, but again, you probably won't notice.

Actually i just re-read your question and you said 'cables are SATA150'. I
didn't know the cables are rated, I assumed you were talking about a
different controller - what version is your controller, because if it is
SATA150 (and perhaps the cables came with it?), then new cables won't make
any difference at all.

* I think NCQ is only supported in SATA300, but I stand to be corrected on
this - I read this somewhere and can't find any more information to support

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GT wrote:
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Serial ATA cables are rated.  The 300 or SATA 2 cables are thicker.  My
motherboard has a SATA 300 bus, but given the nature of the disks(7200
rpm), I suspect there won't be much of a difference, if any.  I suppose
this serial ATA thing is really a marketing ploy more than anything
else.  There are advantages though, no master/slave, and the cables are
easier to work with.

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Hi GT,

I have two Maxtor 6L250S0 drives that are SATA I 1.5 Gb/s that support
NCQ.  See '3.5-Inch Storage All-Stars': ?

Or more specs: :

I should also mention that the Southbridge (I/O Controller Hub) needs to
support NCQ for you to actually see and use NCQ.

For Intel:
The ICH5, ICH5R, ICH6, ICH7 and ICH8 chipsets *do not* use AHCI (Advanced
Host Controller Interface) which is required for NCQ (Native Command

Alan Norton
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Re: Serial ATA Cable Question


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